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A flagship restaurant for 'American Slice Beef Don(American Cut Steak Don)' a dish that originated in Japan. Meat dishes are the focus for this Spanish-style bar. The extremely popular 'American Slice Beef Don' dish is available during both lunch and dinner times. Both the 'American Slice Beef Don' and 'American Cut Steak Don' available at this casual Spanish-style bar are not to be missed! The 'steak don' is even sizzle-grilled on the spot!
*In the Case of Japan, there are cases where the product name has been changed.
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May 18.2020

We will be opened at 5/18/2020.(only Japan Branch)
You can take out, and eat inside.
If you have a fever, you can't enter the store.
Thank you.

April 30.2020

The USA&JAPAN branch Red Rock is closed.
We will back if it is safe!
Thank you!

March 31.2020

【Available TOGO】Sawtelle Branch / Torrance Branch
We started GRUBHUB !! Please, check it out!
※Business hours may be changed due to the effect of COVID-19 coronavirus.
If you have a cough or fever, please refrain from visiting the store.
Thank you.

January 2020

We have received a great customer award “ 2019 Dazhong Dianping ReviewAwards ”from China.
This is a valuable prize selected from eight of the more than 10,000
Proof of trust.
I promise that I will continue to work hard.
Thank you for coming .

New store information
RED ROCK Sawtell store,LA/USA
11301 W.Olympic Blvd #209 , Los Angeles,CA 90064
Business hours: 11:30-15:00/17:00-23:00


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